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The PitchMark Pledge

I hereby pledge to respect the moral and intellectual property rights Creators have over their ideas.

I recognise that in the knowledge economy, ideas are the new currency.

I am cognisant that, as someone who is tasked with receiving and evaluating ideas, I am in a position of power that I must exercise with diligence, humility and care.

I understand that Creators' livelihoods depend on their ideas, and that I deny Creators the chance to earn a living if I improperly take their ideas without compensating them.

As a professional in my field, I will take all reasonable steps to ensure my colleagues abide by the same values.

Further, I pledge to communicate with Creators in a transparent and clear way in the event of any dispute, such as when I receive ideas unsolicited, or I have already been working on a similar idea before receiving the pitch, or similar ideas are pitched to me from unconnected sources.

By signing the pledge I signal to Creators that they can trust me with their ideas, and that I am ready to commit to, and stand by this pledge.

I will benefit from signing the pledge by not having to pay Creators pitch fees.

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Be part of the movement

Intellectual Property rights protection is everyone's business.

That's why we welcome both creators and clients.

We understand that many clients already respect the Intellectual Property rights of their vendors and suppliers.

We want to recognise you for your commitment by inviting you to register, and sign the PitchMark pledge.

Vendors and suppliers will reward you with their best proposals, knowing that you might not buy everything they pitched, but trusting that you will not use their pitch without their approval.

Be part of the global movement that's redefining how creators and clients work together.

Sign the pledge today and embed the premium PitchMark logo into your website or email signature. This code will remain live for as long as you are a member.

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Get proposals from the best in the business

The best in the creative industries will want to provide their ideas to you. That's because the PitchMark logo shows prospective vendors and suppliers that you respect their intellectual property.

Avoid pitch fees

Creative agencies are discouraged from levying pitch fees if they see you are a PitchMark member who will not use concepts, ideas and proposals without their express permission.

It's the right thing to do

By signing the pledge and displaying the PitchMark logo on your website and email signature, you signal to prospective vendors and suppliers that you are a trustworthy partner who will respect their concepts, ideas and proposals.

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