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If you receive or evaluate ideas or pitches, join PitchMark and sign the pledge to show your commitment to respect the Intellectual Property rights of their Creators.
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Sell-side CREATORS

PitchMark protects the expression of your original concepts, designs, proposals, business plans, creative pitches, music - in short, any idea that you conceived and published, and claim as your own. It gives you peace-of-mind by signalling to whoever you share it with that you are its creator, and that you wish to be respected as such.

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Don't accept your ideas being stolen

We live in the knowledge economy. Ideas are the new currency. It's no wonder people are trying to steal them.

If you have ever shared an idea with someone, and then seen that person take it and pretend it was their own, you know how painful this is. What's worse is that you did so innocently, or even because you were hoping that person was going to buy, or buy into, your idea.

That's why PitchMark is fighting for you. We firmly believe that your ideas should remain yours.

If the knowledge economy is truly to live up to its potential, we must create a culture of respect for ideas.

Join us in this quest. Follow us on social media. Sign our petition. PitchMark your ideas to subtly but distinctively communicate that you are a professional, and that you demand your rights to your ideas to be respected.

Together we can make it happen.

Mark Laudi




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