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What you can PitchMark

Ideas & concepts

You've drafted some notes and want to send these to a prospective client. You want to prove you can do the job, but you're worried they will decline working with you - only to implement your idea or concept themselves. Especially for: Creative agencies, marketing agencies, web designers.

Graphic designs & storyboards

You've come up with a storyboard for a video. Now it's time to show it to your prospective client. But you are nervous they might take your ideas and give them to a cheaper vendor to execute. Especially for: Graphic artists, architects, video producers.

Creative or business proposals

You have developed a concept, costed it out and explained how you plan to execute it. Or you have written a business plan. You're keen to win over clients or investors, but you are concerned your proposal will allow someone else to put it into action. Especially for: Start-ups, sales people, entrepreneurs.

Melodies & music

There is no limit to the type of materials you can PitchMark - and that includes melodies or music. Or photographs, drawings or sketches Especially for: Composers, photographers ...anyone who has created material and wants to protect it.

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6 simple steps to PitchMark your documents

Sign in with your User ID and password - you are then taken to your profile.
Upload the document(s) you want to send to your prospective client, such as storyboards and presentation materials. You will also be prompted to provide further details. These are important to identify you as the creator of the document(s). We use Symantec Extended Validation SSL technology to upload your documents securely.
Within a few moments, you will be able to download a compressed folder. It contains the documents you submitted, as well as your individually numbered and date-stamped PitchMark Certificate, and other important information for your client.
It's important you send the whole compressed folder to the intended recipient, without adding or deleting any files. You can also generate a link to this folder, which will be active for seven (7) days.
If you opted in, the details you provided during your submission are published in PitchFeed. This shows that the material you created has been published and now officially exists, and that you reserve all rights to it. It also helps promote you to prospective clients. If your pitch is successful, you can also publicise this through our PitchFeed!
Ensure your PitchMark profile is up-to-date, so that prospective clients can find you. Your profile page is also where you can alert us if you think your PitchMarked material has been misappropriated.

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Defend your ideas - with a PitchMark Certificate

PitchMark your document(s) every time you pitch to a client.

The Certificate is evidence that you created your material before the date and time of the Certificate.

It has been fitted with a number of security features, to ensure they cannot be forged or copied.

This Certificate is part of the compressed folder containing your other documents. Send the whole compressed folder - including this certificate - to your client.

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You are also able to signal to any would-be idea thief that you take your IP seriously, by inserting a badge code into your website gallery, blog or email signature (log in to retrieve the code).

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